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During this 6-week study, you will learn a Step-By-Step Transformation Process for building the business that you love and manifesting a life of freedom, fun and fulfillment. To help you to become a dynamic transformational change agent, the Trailblazer Boot Camp includes:


Class 1: How to Light Your Path Forward

Class 2: How to Tap Into The Trailblazer Within

Class 3: How to Transform Obstacles On Your Trail

Class 4: How to Build Daily Momentum As A Trailblazer

Class 5: How to Distinguish Trailblazer Opportunities from Everything Else

Class 6: How to Stay on the Trailblazer Path

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Checklists and Summaries

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"The Crystal Clear You Authentic Success Transformation System"

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About Crystal Davis

Crystal Davis, MBA, LMC is a spiritual teacher, speaker, and Visionary Business Mentor and Coach for Spiritually Conscious Visionary Entrepreneurs. Her company works with spiritually-conscious trailblazers in business who feel at a crossroads because they are endeavoring to be their best yet they are frustrated because they are unsure how they can have the business and life that they really want.

After 17 years in the Departments of Treasury and Justice, Crystal left the six figure salary and "job security" behind to follow her passion, make her vision a reality, and achieve authentic success. While working through many ups and downs as she built her business from the ground up---including having only $2.00 at one point, filing bankruptcy, divorce, and losing her mother---Crystal dug deep and found her true "authentic self" amidst a system to building a successful business that she loves and a life she adores living!

As a result of her journey, Crystal developed her signature system The Crystal Clear You Authentic Success Transformation System, including a 7 step transformation process that helps you to understand yourself, your journey and how you can inspire others with your brilliance. This means that you can be your best, establish clear boundaries with others, and express who you really are in order to fulfill your unique divine purpose and transform your life to make the difference you've always wanted to make in your business while achieving balance and bliss in your life!

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