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Crystal Davis, Visionary Business Strategist and Authentic Success Expert for Visionary Entrepreneurs

How long have you been doing what you do and how did you get to be a Visionary Business Strategist and Authentic Success Mindset Expert?

To answer how I became an expert in my field, it is best that I share a "defining moment" that brought me to where I am today helping visionary entrepreneurs like you express their unique brilliance and achieve authentic success for a life of balance and bliss.

I worked in a government career for 17 years--creating a solid 6 figure income for myself and my family. I felt like I was hitting one brick wall after another and would often go home and cry in frustration. I felt constrained and unhappy because I didn't feel that my work was valued nor did I feel that I was able to do the things that would enable me to express who I truly am. I had created my career like so many of us do going from thing to thing and basing my next career move on money and the expectations of my boss and colleagues whatever I felt others wanted as opposed to creating what I really wanted from an authentic place inside of me.

Then in October 2009 my defining moment occurred when I was working with a coach and I was expressing how I felt under-appreciated and unfulfilled in my job. After listening to my circumstance, the coach simply asked me: "Why are you there?" I thought "Hmmm, great question." (Note: The quality of your life is defined by the quality of the questions that you ask.) Within a month, I had my answer. I was in yet another situation where I felt unable to express myself in my job, but instead of playing small yet again, I made a decision to start my own company and commit to steering my own course by listening to my heart.

By December 2009, Crystal Clear Solutions was born and I began development of my business and marketing plans. I had 10 years of strategic planning experience from a people-centered perspective so I knew that my blessing was to use my visionary strengths and people skills to help professionals understand how to fully express their authenticity for balance and bliss in their lives.

As I moved forward with my business, I developed a deeper understanding in the field of success. By April 2010, I became affiliated with Mary Morrissey as a Life Mastery Consultant to encompass both success principles and a greater knowledge of spirituality and universal laws (the natural way the world works). The plans for my company were complete so I launched my website in May 2010 and I began mentoring and coaching professionals.

Since then, I left my day job and have been mentoring and coaching clients (one-on-one and group), delivering my own live events such as the Brilliance, Balance, Bliss National Workshop, Live Your Passion and Spring Into Success as well as speaking to groups such as Women's Organizations, Rotary Clubs, Realtors, Toastmasters, and conducting many teleseminars on a range of topics on how to achieve authentic success from the core of who you are. And, now I can say that I LOVE my life!! And I want that for you too!

Authentic Success is my passion! I have grown my business by learning to know who I am and that each of us are fully capable of creating the business and life of our dreams when we learn the tools and techniques for following our unique authentic path to success. That is why I specialize in helping entrepreneurs learn how they too can follow their heart, create a vision of what really matters to them and achieve authentic success for a life of balance and bliss.

What types of clients do you work with typically?

I work with visionary entrepreneurs just like you who have a desire to inspire others with their brilliance and manifest balance and bliss in their lives while they make a difference in the world. I work with all types of entrepreneurs that need help focusing and expanding upon their unique passion and vision, and how to take the steps forward to achieve success from the core of who they are.

These individuals are typically between 35-55 years old and have experienced the frustration and confusion of spending the time and money  and they are ready to take the steps necessary to have the brilliance, balance, and bliss that they truly desire. This includes the support that they need to achieve their dream. All my clients do know that they have a larger purpose and are ready to claim it and move forward in their lives with an authenticity and style all their own!

Here are some of the business categories that I've worked with to date:

Business Coaches Animal Behaviorist Direct Marketing Sales Professionals
Organizational / Leadership Coaches Executives Human Resource Specialists
Retail Sales Professionals Insurance Sales Professionals Real Estate Professionals
Marketing Professionals Management Consultants

What if you don't have experience in my particular field?

My work deals with the mindset behind success and the building of an online business for entrepreneurs with a BIG Vision and a BIG Heart. The success principles are universal and shifts in the individual mindset follows a similar process regardless of your particular focus. Most importantly, as I experienced when I built up my business, having a mindset shift is about helping you to focus on your internal guidance system rather than the outside world of circumstance. Regardless of your field, I can help you shift your thinking and implement breakthrough business strategies that will help you develop an expanded sense of possibility and get clear on what you need to do for your ultimate success (health, wealth and happiness).

How are you different from other “business/life coaches"?

Although we will occasionally touch upon various business topics, you have me as an Authentic Success expert and consultant. I work on the individual mindset behind success in your business primarily and then success in your physical health, your relationships, and in your finances for overall work-life success. What that means to you is that I am very focused on anything and everything that takes you to the root cause of why you are stuck, helping you to build moment and achieve success that is uniquely you. If necessary for you to receive a deeper level of support on a particular business building topic, I will guide you to the expert that you need to fill in the gap.

What type of personality do you work best with?

The workshops, products and programs that I provide were created for entrepreneurs who are absolutely energized by and committed to being their best and having it all with the business and life they love. They can finally do what they love to do and can finally be who they are wherever they are, meaning, they are ready to take consistent action until their vision becomes a reality. These programs were created for you to shift your mindset and take the necessary steps within a year, which will eventually lead you to getting more of the brilliance, balance, bliss that you desire---the difference between moving beyond where you are today to the life of your dreams, or staying stuck in confusion and continuing to be confused by the results you are getting!

Being a visionary entrepreneur myself, I'm known to work best with other BIG thinkers with BIG hearts who are eager to get going and just want to know exactly what steps to take to creating the business and the life they love.

What is expected of me?

You will be expected to take serious and consistent action toward achieving the vision for your business and life. This means that you make commitments and keep them and do the daily practices that move you toward your dream. Do the work and the work shows!

Is there anyone that this isn’t going to work for?

Making the commitment to invest in YOU is the #1 requirement for working with me. Commitment is defined by your making the upfront investment in money and the willingness to set aside the time each week to do the work necessary to achieve your goals.

Also, please know that I hand select the clients that I work closely with. It is important that we are an ideal fit to work together as the results that you will receive are dependent on this being the right program for you and that I am the right strategist and coach for you.

Reading these FAQs are a great way to know whether we would be a good fit to work together. If you are still undecided, you can also sign up for the free Crystal Clear Reflections newsletter over email (Click here to subscribe.) The free information will get you started toward your goals until you’re ready to work with me one-on-one or in group.

What exactly is "The Crystal Clear You Authentic Success System" and what does it include?

I am experienced across several methodologies and incorporate them into an overall “Crystal Clear Authentic Success System”. I use this system to help you make the fundamental shifts necessary to fully implement the underlying success principles and business strategies in your business and in your life. This system includes:

  • Guided Meditations. I guide you individually or the group that you are in through breathing exercises and visualizations for centering and being present for the session as well as to identify the desires of your heart that will help you grow into your true authentic self and to identify the beliefs that limit you from growing into your potential.

  • Clarify your purpose and your passion. What lights you up? Who are you here to serve and why? I will spend the first four weeks with you uncovering your purpose and passion and helping you to focus more on your internal world and less on your external world. 

  • Deepen Understanding of Success Essentials. To become The Crystal Clear You, studying the success classics include deepening your study of the Universal Laws and the power of your 6 mental faculties. You will learn about the unknown laws of the Universe that will help you to align with the natural way the world works. You will to tap into the power of the 6 mental faculties in a conscious way to help you achieve authentic success. Over the course of my new 6 month rolling program, you will study The Success Library--a collection of the greatest success classics available to reveal to you the pathway to The Crystal Clear You.


  • Widen perspective in an advanced study. I am a student of many success teachers and I incorporate various approaches for intermediate and advanced clients. Authentic success is a journey and the advanced study will help you to broaden your lens and deepen your understanding for applying success principles to your life. Programs include The Diamond Master Mind.

  • Business application. A core component of this work will be to help you to develop daily disciplined practice in the delivery of who you are in whatever field that you love to work in. I am well-versed across business disciplines with my MBA, CPA and PMP designations that I will relate to most types of entrepreneurs on an even playing field. The level of support you will receive from my on the building of your business will depend on the level of your program enrollment, with the greatest support being received in The Blue Diamond Mastermind---a high-end VIP level program for only 12 clients each year.

Will this really help me?

Yes! If you are looking to build a business that is authentically you and that helps you to create the life that you love then you are in the right place. The result of our work together is an approach to authentic success in your business and in your life based on the experience and knowledge that I've personally gained in over 20 years professional experience, 5 years of building my own successful consulting and coaching business, as well as the underlying support of 40+ years of research and practice of Mary Morrissey and Bob Proctor and other prominent experts in the field of success. I combine my professional experience with these proven-programs to give you my crystal clear consultation, coaching and mentoring on individual self-expression in your professional career. Over time with your dedication, this works consistently to bring you the results in your business and in your life that you want.

What results can I expect?

You can expect to:

  • Have a support and accountability process that helps you take consistent steps toward achieving building the business that fits into the life that you really want
  • Create a clear description of your ideal business/unique creative expression
  • Align who you really are in terms of your unique creative expression as expressed through your enhanced physical health, relationships, and your material success
  • Help you determine what and how you communicate who you are through your business and in your life. You will silently communicate confidence to others and they will energetically feel your enhanced sense of self
  • Make your mission/purpose stand out in your business and help you chart your course to abundance/prosperity
  • Stay accountable to your goals and achieve them
  • Enhance your relationships by developing proven ways of educating your environment on who you are and what you have to give from an authentic place
  • Create a professional persona that sells
  • Learn how to handle your boundaries more efficiently so you actually have time for what you want right where you are NOW
  • Become an expert in your field (and be perceived, and paid, as such)
  • Create strong relationships consistently
  • Get proven authentic success techniques you can apply right away so that you won't have to struggle and guess your way on your own
  • Receive specific tools for you to use and just add water.
  • Learn time saving techniques that will dramatically cut down your learning curve

How quickly can I expect results?

Obviously, this depends on how much you know about yourself and how much you put into these programs. That said, virtually all clients see results within the first couple of months in the form of feeling more in touch with who they really are and an expression of brilliance, balance and bliss. In other words, they feel more authentic and are growing into more of who they were meant to be in relation to their business results and living the life they were meant to live!!

How can I guarantee myself that I will have the changes that I am looking for?

Show up! Do the assignments and stay on task each day/week to using the strategies and tools that you receive in your program. Be totally focused on yourself and the investment that you are making in your future. It may sound odd to say totally focus on yourself but the truth is that you can't pour from an empty pitcher. I will help you to learn the practice of coming from a Self-FULL place so that you can give more of yourself from that authentic place inside and create the results you want in your life.

All my clients who have diligently applied The Crystal Clear You Authentic Success System™ have successfully gained more brilliance, balance and bliss, in much less time than they would have on their own.

Will I recover the investment I put into your mentoring and coaching programs?

Yes! Ask yourself, “What is the value of my time and having more of the brilliance, balance, bliss to do what truly matters to me, while gaining more time with my family and my friends?” Chances are even a slight shift in your thinking will create the results you want in either more income or cost savings (be it in time or money). Just a 1% shift over time will most likely help you make 10 times what you invested in this program in the next 3 years. The information and skills you learn with The Crystal Clear You Authentic Success System will net you 100 times or even 1000 times over a lifetime of the results that you want to realize when you invest in yourself and do the work required.

My programs work to help you fill in the gaps of where you are to where you want to be. That means you will have frequent AHAs---sometimes daily---that will put you in a whole new place that you simply could not do on your own. When I realized this for myself, I invested tens of 1000s of dollars to achieve my dreams and over time more money in my life. Even setting the money aside, the freer, more fulfilled you is well worth the investment in my most high-end program!

Crystal, based on everything I've read and heard about you, I know you're the one I want to learn from. What are my options for getting started with you?

Congratulations on the first step toward your the business and life that is authentically you! I love when people step up and decide for their future. I'm so looking forward to working with you!

To get started, here are the different programs available to you:

  1. If you are new to success teachings, I highly recommend that you start with my short 4-part teleclass program Think and Grow Rich Mastermind. This is an entry-level course to get you acquainted with the principles of success.
  2. Next, you can attend the The Crystal Clear You Bootcamp teleseminar with other like-minded professionals who are ready to achieve success from the core of who they really are. I teach this 6-week bootcamp to introduce my 7 step transformation process to help you get started on your journey to authentic success. This introductory program is perfect for you if you are just dipping your toes into successful thinking or if you simply want to get an understanding of the overall process. My 7 step process helps you to get inside the black box of success to broaden your understanding of what authentic success looks like and how it works inside the black box.This group study will provide you with the foundational elements of success and help you to begin your individual journey toward authentic success.
  3. The next program is The Crystal Clear You Success Essentials teleseminar. In this program, you will understand how to align your goals with the natural way the Universe works and make authentic success a way of living. In this 6 month rolling program via telecourse, you will learn how to work with the laws of the Universe and apply the 6 mental faculties with a Calm, Confident, Conviction that your dreams are reality. Through the study of The Success Library--a study of must-have success classics--you will learn the techniques and strategies to be The Crystal Clear You and make your vision reality in record time. These success essentials underlie everything that we do and will help you achieve to the authentic success that you desire.
  4. High achieving go-givers who want to move extraordinarily fast will want to join my high-end program, The Crystal Clear You Blue Diamond Mastermind--my VIP level small group master mind for outstanding achievers that are ready to up-level their results and reach their business and life goals at an accelerated pace. This is for you if you are ready for a Quantum Leap to brilliance, balance and bliss in your business and in your life! During the 12-month VIP program, I guide you through a specialized curriculum tailored to support you in your leap. You will mastermind along side of visionary entrepreneurs that share your commitment to having authentic success. You will also receive 2-monthly one-on-on coaching calls and 12 power calls with me (limited to up to 15 minutes per call used throughout the year as needed) to help you stay the course and achieve your personal roadmap for success. Program includes weekly teleseminars under the Brilliance Mindset Mastery and Business Breakthrough Secrets programs as well as two live VIP days .This personalized VIP program will help you to reach your dreams in record time. Groups are limited to 12 individuals. HURRY---Open Enrollment Ends September 2, 2014---SPACE IS LIMITED to just 12 individuals per year. Once the spots are gone, they are gone!!

Ok, I know which program I want. How do we get started?

Here's what you do: just click on the info page links above or if you have a question, give my support team a call at 1-877-533-XPRESSION or email my team at info@crystalclearsolutions4you.com and we'll be happy to answer any questions you have. I can't wait to meet you in person or on the phone to get you started on your path to more brilliance, balance and bliss from right where you are NOW!

If I'm not sure I'm ready to get started, how can I sample your work at low cost to see if it's the right solution for me?

A way to sample The Crystal Clear You Authentic Success Transformation System™ is by subscribing to the weekly email newsletter. The Crystal Clear You Reflections email newsletter provides you with proven tips, the latest tools and powerful techniques from the Crystal Clear You Authentic Success Mentoring and Coaching Programs. It is a must for anyone who wants to have more brilliance, balance and bliss in their lives. Subscribe here.

I have a family and a busy life. Although I want more freedom, fun, and fulfillment badly, I don't have much time to spare. How much time do I need?

What I have found is that the time you spend in my programs takes the place of the time that you are already spending in worry and in confusion. Instead, you will spend about 3-4 hours each week in a practical program that will systematically help you to reframe your time in a much more healthy and repeatable way that will ultimately give you more time with your family and free up more time in your busy life for the things that really matter to you. Doesn't it make sense to start now and learn how you can free up space in your days? And on your own terms?

Ok, I'm ready to do this for myself, but I have a couple of additional questions. Can I call you?

Great, sounds like you're ready invest in your future! Yes, if you have a couple of questions, just email my team at info@crystalclearsolutions4you.com or call us directly at 1-877-533-XPRESSION and we'll be happy to walk you through the different options to see which one will be the very best for you. I look forward to working with you for your authentic success and am honored to be the one to help you.

Let's get going!