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Are you ready to take back your time, energy, and peace of mind to MANIFEST the business and life you really love?

Hi, I'm Crystal,

I help spiritually-conscious visionary entrepreneurs get crystal clear on how they can be seen for who they really are and how they can create the business and lifestyle that they really want---for More Clients. More Money. More Life.

The transformation to the Crystal Clear You takes place when you decide that what you think, say, and do matters---that you matter! This means that your business should light you up and fit the lifestyle you want, not drain you and take precious time away from the people and things you love. While you learn to focus on what you really love and stop taking responsibility for what other people want and sacrificing yourself in the process.

Because of the core issue of feeling unseen, many people that start working with me often feel tired and frustrated to be taking one action after another yet still fall way short of their desired goal---leaving them feeling unsure of themselves and uncertain of what to do next. Much of the action includes having multiple professional degrees and certifications and a laundry list of to-do's on their plate that never seem to add-up to the freedom they desire... though frustration is high on their results!

"No longer do I become lost at some dramatic event; I now move past it and move forward because my purpose here is so important." Prior to working with Crystal, I had undertaken studies on my own about the Law of Attraction and similar subjects for a number of years.  However, some occurrence always seemed to happen to throw me off my course and totally consume me.  

Looking back, it was serendipitous that I met Crystal when I did as I was venturing into an unknown area of starting a business.  I knew what I wanted to do but seemed to be wallowing around, not knowing which way to go next. I have developed clarity of purpose and the realization that all of this is my choice.  In mentoring, Crystal firmly but gently invites me to challenge my thinking, reminds me of where it is I want to go and in doing so creates mini-epiphanies that completely change my outlook.  No longer do I become lost at some dramatic event; I now move past it and move forward because my purpose here is so important.  I am accomplishing my dream and so can you. 

~LAURIE JOHNSON, Animal Behaviorist, Bruceton Mills WV Laurie@answersforanimals.com

I know this personally as well because I too had these core issues and have worked for multiple letters after my name, including MBA, CPA, PMP... Many of us spend years gathering all sorts of degrees and credentials only to find ourselves running on empty because core issues that leave us feeling unseen and unable to get what we really want. For me, I was so lost and unfulfilled that I courageously leaped out of a 6 figure salary and a secure government JOB to run my company full-time in 2011. Ultimately learning what we all need to know... 

The truth is that you can never outgrow your self-image. As you look at the image below, think about how you truly see yourself. On a scale from 1-10, do you believe you can have what you really want? 

Even with all those certifications and accolades you've earned (and you've earned quite a few!), do you really see yourself as the successful, powerful visionary entrepreneur that you really are?

The Crystal Clear Solution is to see yourself today---as the real, authentic "Crystal Clear You"---as brilliant, balanced and blissful! Once you see yourself inside the picture AKA "VISION" of the business and life that you love, the whole Universe will support you by bringing you the opportunities you need to fulfill your picture. But first, you must begin to see yourself as the person who is powerfully successful, then you will manifest the opportunities for you to act on and achieve the results you want. 

This is what happened to me and with so many of my clients. After letting go of what you think is holding you back, you begin learn and deepen your understanding about how to change your self-image... to truly see yourself for the gorgeous, talented, fabulous person that you truly are! 

"My sales went from 20% in a presentation to 90%. I achieved a promotional goal that I had set for years and had every previous year failed to accomplish. ... My home life is happier and more balanced." After taking part in Crystal's Think and Grow Rich Mastermind group, I finally felt sure of myself. As I continue to study with her, I gain a greater trust of my own intuition and ability. I now know that it is me who decides what comes into my life and I am manifesting more of the business and life that I want---as what I want now is showing up much more effortlessly than before! My sales went from 20% in a presentation to 90%. I achieved a promotional goal that I had set for years and every year failed to accomplish. I am confidently advancing in rank and achieved Gold in DoTerra. My home life is happier and more balanced. I don't stress out like I used to. My relationship with my husband is stronger than it has ever been. We are renovating and preparing to buy a larger home, because of the increased income. This stuff works! Thank you Crystal!

~Becky Sanchez, Doterra Gold Wellness Advocate, And Founder of the Rebecca Sanchez Whole Body School of Thought

The Crystal Clear You knows who you really are and takes the journey to manifesting the business and life that you love with ease and grace. Quite simply, you can be your best and have what you really want when you learn how!

Through the study and application of my Success Library, my 7 Step Authentic Success Transformation System, and my Business Breakthrough Secrets Program, I mentor and coach you for immediate results in your life.

I blend practical tools with spiritual principles to bring a complete perspective to your success for ultimate healing, meaning, and freedom in your life. I help you take action for reaching your potential and making a difference where it matters most to you... for More Clients. More Money. More Life.

Who you are, your purpose is uniquely you, as unique as your fingerprint. YOU are the essential piece to achieving your goals... the business and life that brings you brilliance, balance, and bliss.

YOU can make it happen! Sign-up to receive your free gifts and for my newsletter, Crystal Clear Reflections, and explore the many programs and resources on my website to help you on your way!

For additional resources, visit my Resources Page and my Services Page. Below are the links to my video series, The Crystal Clear You Minute:

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I look forward to meeting you and helping you manifest brilliance, balance, and bliss! 

Love and Success, 


With Crystal Clear Solutions, now is the time to unlock your unique gifts so that you can be seen for your brilliance and achieve a lifestyle of balance and bliss!

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